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Have you ever used Fiverr to buy something? I posted an assignment offer for some vector files last night but I have my doubts. Is Fieverr a scam? Have you tried Feverr? Did you find effective designers at a good price? Do you use another similar service?

Thank you for your feedback.

Never had issues with it. Maybe the timeframe is not passed?

For the moment I only have proposals from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Morocco. I feel like my requests are misunderstood. Maybe because it was Sunday. Monday might be a better day…

Do you have a designer to recommend?

It’s not important where the designers come from. Skill, communication and English is more important. I had some guy from Philippines I think. The guy from redid my logo 3 years ago for a reasonable price.

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So far my experience with Fiverr reminds me of a math exercise my daughters had in middle school.

The exercise had two pages of instructions like:

1- Take a blank sheet
2- Enter your name at the top left
3- Enter the date at the top right
4- Register your class under your name
5- Note the title of the exercise: “Learning to read instructions”
6-Take a deep breath
7-Close your eyes for 10 seconds
8-Fold your sheet in half

… The instructions were getting weirder and weirder

-45 Stand up and go around your table

-65 Scream the letters of your first name backwards

And finally

100-Stop at step 5 of the instructions and bring your sheet to the teacher.

@Sebastien_REMY I have spent thousands of dollars on fiverr. Are you sure your expectations are not the problem ?

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Maybe my English is not very good. But above all I think I did not make the right choice. The provider does not have enough experience and I think that the few opinions are not on him are not honest.

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Yes. The whole process was abysmal and the other end never delivered. It was a massive waste of my time.

The “where was this stolen from?” game is a must when deciding upon an artist.

I have had much better results by following designers on Twitter and reaching out when I need art. It is not as price lucrative, but it is more sustainable for actual artists who produce good work. I can follow artists with styles I like which makes it easier to find later when I need it.

Two designers I like are

Edit: Reworded to remove a who’s/whose because I wasn’t sure which and yes I obsess over things like that.

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Ive used fiverr and had pretty decent results. Imho, you have to use these sites a few times before you get the feel for how they like to work. Some sites are better at certain kinds of things. Fiverr I like getting tech help or instructional info. For more artwork/design related stuff I use these guyss with great results:

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