Fitting a window into a screen

Hello everybody,
maybe there is an easy answer, I dont know: I developed my app on the iMac and every windows just fit on its screen. Now, when I run the app on the MacBook the window overflows the bottom of the screen. I know how to get the size of the screen and, consequently, adjust the app window, what I don not know is haow to move all the objects in the app window accordingly. Right now thw are cropped.

Thank you

Need to add code to do the resizing/moving of your controls to make them fit.

Can you use a plugin?
Einhugur Plugin Releases (2024) - #33 by Björn_Eiríksson?

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There is also GraffitiLayout.

If you don’t wish to use a third-party solution, then you’ll need to write a bunch of code to manage your controls’ size and placement based on the size of the window using the DesktopWindow’s Resized and Resizing events, which is no small feat and highly project-specific.

Alternatively, design for the smallest common denominator screen size that you wish to support.


There are also the various LockLeft, LockTop, LockRight and LockBottom properties, for not-complex layouts.


Thanks everybody. Not coding to sell, I think I’ll settle with Anthony’s suugestion and design for the smaller screen. They are all mine, after all