First web db app

Hi everyone,
This is my first attempt to create a web app. I have some questions.
I saw Xojo cloud, even the lowest version seems overkill for me. I am just learning and testing. I have a CPanel account rented with a shared hosting server.

  1. Is it possible and easy to deploy there? Does the server has requirements I should ask?
  2. I want to create a very very simple database web app. For testing purposes. An oversimplification would be a “visitor counter” using a database.
    Which database should I use? SQLite? What happens when more than one user acesses the app at the same time?


I would recommend a dedicated SQL Server (for example MySQL or PostgreSQL…).
SQLite is a very well performing database, but I would personally use it only in local client applications.

Concurrency is handled by SQLite as well. The database has its own locking mechanisms. SQLite supports transactions too. Its just an overall performance question.

As Sven said, use a dedicated SQL server for this. (I prefer PostgreSQL)
Then put the db in the Session class to give every connected user their own connection to the db.

[quote=194781:@Alexandre Amato]Is it possible and easy to deploy there? Does the server has requirements I should ask?

The topic of shared hosting has been talked about quite a bit.


Because Xojo Web is rather demanding in resources, some shared hosts prevent execution of such web apps. Also, an increasing number of such companies no longer support 32 bit apps (Xojo Web is 32 bit), and will probably not install the 32 bit libraries for you. If you are in luck with a shared hosting that supports 32 bits apps, then you will find plenty of information in the links listed by Google to this forum and the old one.

Personally my shared hosting did not work with Web app back in 2013 when I started, so I went with and have been with them ever since. Phillip Zedalis who manages it is a member of this forum and uses Xojo web apps himself, so the service is outstanding.