first time run

Has anybody got a way to signal to the app that it’s running for the first time after installation.

In my app, if never ran before, it takes a folder from the resources and copies it into the application support folder.
However, I want every time it get installed (i.e. for newer installs) I want to delete the folder if it’s already there (all of which I know how to do)

I tried putting a text file into my app resources - and then deleting it after installing - so it would be there when freshly installed - it didn’t fly though.

Does Xojo have a inbuilt property to tell if an app is ran first time after being installed?

Nothing built in to tell this

I’d just have it always copy the folder to application support if the folder is not already there
Thats what the IDE does for anything it puts in Application Support

You might be able to record a preference setting or something about when the app first ran - but that can be deleted

Well, my application support folder for my app has about 130 MB in it - and there are also heaps of user files that the user will create in there - so just copying it over once for every new version installation is good for me!

I just got the app to copy the label that hold the version text into a txt file. Then, when it runs, it’s checks if the text file contents match the label, deletes the previos version’s folder and installs the new one.

The IDE does this with the LR database which is about 85 MB (down from about 120 at one time).
And you can / could copy it lazily in the back ground if that will work for you.
The upside to doing it whenever you detect its missing is that a person may go & nuke everything in Application Support and nothing should break.
It may just take a moment longer to start up after they’ve done this.