first time run

Has anybody got a way to signal to the app that it’s running for the first time after installation.

In my app, if never ran before, it takes a folder from the resources and copies it into the application support folder.
However, I want every time it get installed (i.e. for newer installs) I want to delete the folder if it’s already there (all of which I know how to do)

I tried putting a text file into my app resources - and then deleting it after installing - so it would be there when freshly installed - it didn’t fly though.

Does Xojo have a inbuilt property to tell if an app is ran first time after being installed?

No, that’s all up to you.

Suggestion: Create a text file in your App Support folder with the version that’s running. If that text file isn’t there, or if the version within it doesn’t match, you know it’s a new install.

oh - that’s a good idea - thanks