First time in WebSDK


I am starting to study WebSDK.

I’m not familiar with javascript yet but seems it is very straightforward especially on the ready-made script. I had explored the internet clock and found out that they offer a script that can able to show the clock on the webpage. here is the code:

<script async defer id='2017102112597605' src=''></script>

I want to start my WebSDK from this sample.
I am hoping for somebody to help me on how to convert it to WebSDK.

You should check out the manual for the WebSDK. It’s located at Xojo/Extras/WebSDK/WebControlSDK.pdf

I created a little tool that helps generate an empty control so that all of the necessary constants are included, but if you don’t read that manual, you won’t have any idea what you’re doing. After reading the documentation for WebSDK, and you understand how to use the WebControlWrapper subclass, I would recommend my little tool for creating the empty wrapper:

Looking at that embed script, it looks like it creates an iframe 150px wide and 180px tall. Be sure to account for this in your Xojo control so that it takes up the correct amount of space in design mode in the IDE. Other than that, this looks pretty straight forward and should be an easy first custom control. The basic control example in the PDF should be all you need to get this running :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tim.

Unfortunately, I’m using Windows O.S. and your tool is for Mac only. Do you have Windows version?

There is, it’s not codesigned for Windows though so it’s not posted there.
Windows version: