First look @ Xojo 2020r1

I rebooted on High Sierra (External HD), then fired Xojo 2020r1.

I opened a project created and worked with 2015r1.

I clicked in the Run button and get my front window without any comment.

I checked and discovered that it was running in 64 Bits too.

I am very surprised.

This project build html files I use to download images from a specific (one) web site.
Then, I have to save the browser window contents (usually Firefox, but this works elsewhere).
Then I have to manipulate the data and rename the generated files that are saved (by the browser) as img[].php to its real value (taken from the saved html file).
Drag and drop, Canvas, ListBox and PushButtons only. Nothing fancy.


Glad to hear it worked for you.

As I wrote earlier, I was surprised.

Less surprised than when I loaded another project from Xojo 2015r1 with Real Studio 2012 (it worked fine there too)…