First IDE version For ...

I am trying to write code that is reasonably backwards compatible with language changes when i can. The language reference has iIDE versions for when some things were added but for not a lot of them.

So I am trying to put together a module with constants for what version a feature was added or changed to use with #if RBVersion = aConstant (which I hope never disappears!)

What I am looking for right now is the IDE version where the Cursors module became Systems.Cursors. I think it was either 2012R1 or 2012R2 but I’m not sure and don’t have 20.12R1 handily to check there.

Also when was the DragItem cursor constructor add that could take a RectControl as an argument (it used to only take a window) - yes i know it used to use teh function NewDragItem - but THAT is so long ago I’m not going to worry about it.

I have Alpha Channels being introduced in 2011R4 and MenuItem.Clone in 2011.R2.

so anybody know those 2 above or have an more they would like to add to the thread?


  • Karen

Got System.Cursors in 2012R1.2

But i was wrong about System.Cursors … it has been around a lot longer…

What I’m missing right now is when the DragItem Constructor that takes a RectControl first appeared.

  • Karen