First Attempt at Web App -

I am reading the Web Tutorial (link text) and downloaded the 32-bit Standalone test app. Opened Terminal, navigated to the folder containing XojoTest, and entered “” and get no such file. This according to the tutorial page.

Do I need to start Apache manually first or what am I doing wrong?


  • launch the standalone web app just like any other executable.
  • Then with your browser, call the local address (usually at the port that the web app is designed to listen on. In this case, it would be
  • That’s it. No other tool required. You are done and the app should display in your browser.

What are you attempting to do because that’s not a tutorial? It’s information on how to deploy a web app. If that’s what you are looking for then the Details page also has more information: Web App Deployment Details

If you want a tutorial on how to create and run a web app:

Paul - you’re right that it is not a tutorial but I got there from the tutorial so I just was’t clear.