Firewall port not open on Legacy APP

I have an app that suddenly started throwing up the error when this fails:

[code]#if TargetXojoCloud then
mfwPort = New XojoCloud.FirewallPort(cnBulkEmailPort, XojoCloud.FirewallPort.Direction.Outgoing)
mfwPort.Open() // This call is synchronous
If not mfwPort.isOpen() Then

MsgBox("FirewallPort is not Open")
// Do what you need to do
'fwp.Close() // Optional, but if you will not using the port, we recommend it.

End If

This has been working, what happened?

What port are you trying to open?

The same one it’s been opening since we moved to cloud, 2525.

Our bulk email provider.

What changed?

Any idea why this is happening?

Could you give me the domain or ip address of the server you’re trying to connect to?


Why does that matter, it’s been working fine?

[quote=474102:@Richard Albrecht]It’s

Why does that matter, it’s been working fine?[/quote]
It may not, but we need to check some logs to see if the requests are being blocked on our end.

@Richard Albrecht – Are you able to cause that request to happen so I can watch the logs?

So I’ve been watching the logs since I posted that and I see no indication that your app is making firewall requests.

@Greg O’Lone

Just saw this so I can cause it now.

It seems to work now, I’ll have our users try it.

Are you trying to open that port for every session or just when the app first opens?

It works for the users.

I believe the first one. The uses generally only do 5 to 10 emails at a time. Not a large volume.