Salve a tutti,
sono nuovo e ho necessita di collegare il mio progetto client-server con firebird. Potete aiutarmi?

The MBS SQL Plugin can do FireBird connections:

You can download plugin and try the examples.

Umberto I had been using Xojo for a while and I work with Firebird + VB6 for many years. Now I am migrating all my VB6 prodicts to Xojo and I keep using Firebird.
I had bought Christian´s MBS SQL Plugin. He had done a great job.
Whatever you need I am ready to help you.

To all Firebird lovers (I am one of those) I suggest to insist on the open request to have a Native Plugin.
Request #2159 is opened for a while and if all give it a force may be Xojo decided to pay attention on this feature in the near future.