Firebase on XOJO

Hi XOJO Guys,

Anybody know how to connect WEB XOJO to firebase?

We have a customer that uses Firebase on their server. I believe they use the MBS SQL plugin.

Firebase (from google?) as in
Or the SQL database FireBird ?

just want to be sure which you mean as the names are so similar

Oohh good point. I was thinking Firebird.

Hi Norman,

I mean, firebase from google.

You can try the Chilkat Plugin for Xojo (

Look here for the firebase examples:

I heard that i was only design for desktop not for web.

Is it the only resource we can get to utilize firebase?

If I see it right, it is just a web services.
Use HTTPSocket with JSON classes.

Thanks Christian, have you include it from our MBS?

I think You can use Chilkat with Xojo Web. Chilkat works under Windows, Linux and macOS.

My test under macOS with the example works normal with Xojo Web (I got the token).

So You can download a test version and try it by yourself.

You can use the CURL plugin if you like.
But for a rest API, I won’t make an extra plugin!

This could be done without plugin and the HTTPSocket.

Thank you guys!