Finding subclassed text field to change text color

Hi I have a class which is a subclass of a TextField which I named “RoundWarning”. When I created the instances in my window I created a Control Set of the “RoundWarning” TextField Subclass.

In the Action Event of the Submit Button on the same page, if a certain Property is False I want to change the colour of the Text in the Control Set Text Fields to green. As I type the line into the Code Editor “RoundWarning.” I see the ellipsis and the popup shows me that TextColor is available. So now I have “RoundWarning.TextColor = RGB(79,142,54)”, without the quotes, of course.

When I Run the project I get an error telling me “This item does not exist” and “TextColor” is highlighted.

Can someone tell me what I am missing here?

RoundWarning is the name of the class, not the instances on the window. Use the name of the control on the window (and an index, since they’re a control set).

Thanks Tim.