Finding Programmers


For a long time I have had someone that was really good at RB/xojo but he has gotten too busy with his real job to help out. How can I find someone that is able to work on small sporadic projects here and there for an hourly fee? My projects are typically simple and often what I like to do is give someone an idea or staring point and have them do the real work behind the scenes.

I have a few ideas I want to work on now. For example, I want to create an ASM single line simulator that will allow me to create a library of instructions and test the results on a single line basis. This will help me to tweak assembly code on a processor without having to master the language. The library would consist of an instruction in drop down, whereas the Destination and Source can be entered manually or called from drop downs where they are stored below in a params section for easy recall. The library would need some equation that the instruction could use for the simulation.

Posting here is fine.

Fill out this form ( with as much details as make sense and I can also post your request to the Xojo Pro channel for you.

Thanks, I filled out the form as you suggested.