Finder left/restart by itself on M1…

I have often - most of the time when the Finder is in the background, Finder Quit and Restart by itself (alone…) on my M1 MacBook Pro (Feb 2021) Monterey 12.4 (21F79). 200GB of free SSD space (internal/boot).

Do you experiment that too ?

This seems similar to:

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It would have been nice for that article to mention two others:

If you have automatic system updates turned on, macOS may download the update and restart when it’s done after showing a notification. As I recall though, you may not get that notification if your Focus setting is set to Do Not Disturb.

Another way is if your company has system management software installed. Restarts can be triggered at any time through this mechanism if an admin doesn’t think to check if someone is using the computer right then.

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Thank you for your answers, but the computer does not reboot…

The Finder quits and restart in the background (as I already wrote, and the subject line says).

No notification, no update, nothing.

The only update done today was the Safari Technology Preview and I was asked if I wanted to update it (and when).

Each and every CheckBox… is checked in the Software Update Control Panel.

But, minutes after I created this thread, the Apple Store application was fired and displayed an old search (FileMaker for iOS)…

  • talking about updates: I noticed the Applications folder view changed each time an update is done (from snap to grid to Sort by Name…), but this is a different story.

Try Onyx to reset your system.

Good luck.

Haven’t had this happen on my M1 mini. I occasionally have to open Activity Monitor and restart the bluetoothd process because my keyboard starts going flaky.

My suggestion to narrow this problem down is to see if it occurs when you’re logged into a different account. It it doesn’t, then it’s probably messed up Finder prefs.

I believe restarting in Safe Mode (if that’s still a thing) deletes caches.

As usual with these kind of problems: have a look at the system log in console if there are any errors regarding Finder.
Second thought: Monterey had/has problems with memory leaks in Finder, maybe this might be a reason…


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To realize what happens, you have to have some open windows (in the Finder) and these have to be visible from the application you are working with.

Also, if you move the “Get an Eye” Feature (in the File Menu, before Print or press the space bar, or ContextualMenu, after Create an Alias), after a Finder quit/restart, that window comes back centered.

It tooks me a while until I realized what happened.

Now, I am waiting for the 12.5 Monterey update… (or Ventura, the first who come).

What the heck is the “Get an Eye” feature that you are describing?


In the Finder, select an image file and press the space bar:
a window open and display the image file contents.

I do not know the US Name (Apple Used Live Text for OCR, so…)