Finder and transparent Icons

Is there a way to make it easier to see icons that are transparent but with a foreground image that is “white”

Preview shows them nicely, they work perfectly in the app I designed them for… But Finder shows a white background with a slightly off-white image.
Even changing Finder to use a colored background does nothing to the icons

Can you elaborate a bit what you mean by “transparent, but white”?

If I look at the Opera browser application icon, it is transparent, but have no white at all.
For me, in the Finder, white is not transparent, no color is transparent (in bitmap icons).
macOS Folder Icons have transparent parts without white (around the folder icon).

the transparent parts are well… transparent… and the non-transparent parts are white

How are you making the icon?

why would that make a difference? it is a PNG file with a mask layer
I have two versions of each one… one where the “visible” parts are WHITE (for darkMode) and one where they are BLACK for Light mode … the lower one is barely visibile in FINDER

I thought you had meant Finder was displaying a solid white background behind what you were supplying as a transparent icon.

For a desktop app icon, you should probably use something with better visibility. Line-icons can be used on a background which makes them look a little more complete, and ensures the glyph can be seen. Sam’s Iconographer can take a line icon and make it a round app icon.

I did.

These icons work perfectly in the app they were designed for… it is only in Finder where visiblity sucks… but it displays all icons on a WHITE background, and while you can change the Finder window background color, it has no effect on how an icon is displayed.

The lower icon is for DARKMODE… and in the app it shows with a dark background (because those areas of the icon are transparent)

But again, Finder (even in DARKMODE), still creates a “white” box and then overlays the icons, so it is basically white on white no matter what you do

Download those two icons, and see what Finder does… you will see what I mean

I think Dave is talking about this:

[quote=444242:@Alberto DePoo]I think Dave is talking about this:
that is EXACTLY what I am talking about

I did notice it shows them properly in CoverFlow mode, and in the Preview Pane of Column Mode, but NOT in Icon or List mode

My guess is that Apple designed the finder that way and didn’t change the behavior for dark mode.

The same happens for Xojo IDE before Hi-DPI:

This is also true, but at least with the checkboard background you have a chance (kind of)

I am sorry guys, I really do not understand the whole she-bang…

In the screen shot above, there are your two left icons, on the right are two folders with custom icons (these images) and the Finder window’s background is a green (one green by hazard).

You can see both icons…

Emile, Dave just want to know if there is a way that the first icon (from your image) could look like the third icon (some setting in finder). My guess: no.

png files (their icons as generated and displayed by the Finder, here El Capitan) cannot looks like the two custom icons (on the right). IMHO.

But, custom icons can (the two custom icons on the right).

Did I understand correctly this time ?

Emile… for me (at least) in Finder, the icons look like the first two in you example. In PREVIEW they look like the second two

What I was wanting to know, is if (or why) Finder doesn’t show them the same way

So, at last, I understand. The question have to be asked to the engineer in charge of the Finder (if one exists).

Now, this will not answer your question, but a custom icon can be set to any file (and was in the old time, by PhotoShop, Graphic Converter, etc.).

Setting a custom icon to a file (or folder) can be done, but I never was able to do that… directly. I’ve done that in AppleScript just like I do it manually in the Finder (Copy the image file that will be the custom icon, the select theitem in the Finder, Get Info for the target item, click in the icon, Paste, Close the Get Info window.).

my intent here is to simply see the icon file itself in Finder … the app I am working on now has about 100 icons… 50 for lite mode and 50 for dark mode…

In this case, this is not fully WYSIWYG, it only gives yu an idea of what the file contents is.

And to see that, the user have to set a Finder Window preference * in its machine (it is not the default mode) excepted if Apple changed that in recent macOS versions (after El Capitan).

  • This can be set for the open window or for all (existing and newly created windows).

I spend a part of my day updating data for an application

I’ve done some gimp testings and it do not save any icon preview even if the CheckBox is… checked (by default).

I even changed the image file type (png was default, jpg, tiff…). Nothing was changed.

I found a bug in Gimp, but nothing to help.

BTW: i am sure you noticed how difficult it is to click (for selection) in that icon.