Find your Raspberry Pi 2 with xProDDNS

Find your Raspberry Pi 2 with xProDDNS

Annapolis, Maryland, USA (January 12, 2016) - F.W.Roller & Associates LLC, cross-platform business software developers and Enterprise Resource Planning consultants, today announced availability of xProDDNS 2016 Release 1, “The Professional Dynamic DNS Client”.

xProDDNS sends email and text message notifications whenever a Public IP Address changes. Domains with Dyn, No-IP, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic are automatically updated in realtime. This is all done quickly and securely using very few system resources.

Mobile and full web user interfaces make remote management easy from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Ubuntu and Debian based Linux distributions like Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 2 are natively supported along with OS X and Windows. Getting started is simple thanks to native installers for each platform and a user friendly Setup Wizard.

  • Native cross-platform
  • Mobile and full web user interfaces
  • Encrypted databases
  • Hashed passphrase with obfuscated salt
  • Multiple providers, accounts, hosts and NICs
  • Secure checks, updates and notifications
  • Realtime email and text message alerts
  • Dynamic detailed log display
  • CSV and XML data exports
  • Context-sensitive help

“Improved security, performance and aesthetics with new Raspberry Pi 2 and 64-bit Linux support make xProDDNS our most polished and diverse release yet,” said Fred Roller, Owner, F.W.Roller & Associates LLC.


Visit to download xProDDNS for Windows, OS X and Linux.


F.W.Roller & Associates LLC has been developing business software for nearly three decades and providing Enterprise Resource Planning consulting services for over two decades.


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