Find for dot-space-word?

I am actually using LiveText (mac OS OCR feature) to get small text from images; usually three or more paragraphs…

I have ready implemented some automatic conversions (space quote to space typo quote - open and close).

The text, most of the time is uppercase, so I add a button to set it to LowerCase, but… now I want to set the first character of the first world after dot-space (only one space) (and !-space-word, ?-word…) to UpperCase.

I added a button to set that to a word, (it is useless because it is faster to do it manually) but an automation for the whole text at once is far better…

Does anyone have an idea to accomplish this?

Edit: added other cases (. + ! + ?).

I am sure it should be possible using Regular Expressions.
Maybe something like this:
Search for: [.,!,?]\s([a-zA-Z]{1})
and replace it with: \u$1

This f.e. would search for a . or ! or ? and a following SPACE and a following letter between a-z and A-Z. The found letters will be then replaced with the same letter in Uppercase.

I can’t test it right now. I am sure @Kem_Tekinay could do it better :wink: