Find feature works here and not there ! [Resolved]

I have 4 windows that have a Listbox in them.

I added a Find feature in the first one (description below) and it worked fine.

I copied the MenuHandler in the second window and that works fine.

I copied it in the two other windows and then it stop reaching strings, even a single R (example, R stands for Rue and there are plenty in the Listbox -S for Street if you prefer).


wSearch.gLB = LB // LB is the target Listbox, wSearch is the Search window wSearch.Show Return True

All windows have a Listbox Control named LB (surprise).

I tried Instr and InStrB just in case, but R is an ASCII character and have to works in both times…

In the Search Button of the wSearch window, in the search loop, I have two possible return strings (Found and Not found) that are displayed in a Label (as user report).
The string says Not found on the two later windows, says Found (or not) if found in the two first windows.

Since this is the same code… I do not understand.

If InStr(gLB.Cell(Loop_Idx,-1), Search_String) > 0 Then

Code in the search loop…

I just found the error: I missed the - in the InStrs.
Sorry, but due to a Tab, a part of the message was posted.