Find/Errors/Messages Pane

After I run a project the Find/Errors/Messages pane is shown. While this is handy I can’t find where to close the pane. It takes up a large amount of space on my laptop.

Does anyone know how to close the pane?

You should see three icons just below that panel in the middle, click one of them, it’s a toggle switch.

Just click on the respective icon in the bottom bar :slight_smile:

Cool… thanks everyone. I should have guessed that.

Is there a way to change the SIZE? For Johnny it may take up a large amount of space… but on my 27" iMach it shows 2 or 3 lines, and it is a real pain to scroll thru it (especially with FIND). I really liked the full page Error/Find TAB in the old IDE

Sure. It took me a while to recognize it too. On the very right of that bar is a small handle to resize that area.

Thanks… I was expecting Xojo to follow OS guidelines and allow panel resize by dragging the top edge of the window

Now… if would only REMEMBER that size. Turns out, closing that panel reverts back to its 2 line size :frowning: and I have to resize it everytime…

wish you can make the bottom pane can be make higher… it is difficult when you have lots of error to look into

Read the reply two up … it tells you how to do it

i know how to use the little handle to resize… but i mean wish it can go up more than half or maybe go right to the top.

Ah…:slight_smile: didn’t realize 1/3 of the screen is its limit… yeah… I miss the full screen tabbed mode