Financial Indicies - Components

Anyone got a good source for downloading the list of components in financial indices such as the DJI, S&P500 etc… A list that is actually maintained for free or at a low fee. I’m not interested in the other data offered by service provides, which make it rather expensive to go with them.

in french :

isnt it maintained by S & P now ?

You probably don’t need a add-on to download market data. I have a commercial app I purchased that downloads free quotes from either Google or Yahoo. And I know there are other sources as well. But of course free market data is always 15 minutes delayed. Not a big problem for most applications.

It’s been a while since I’ve dug into this, but a good resource for finding all these market APIs is Programable Web .

One little hitch: symbol specs for indices vary from one provider to another.

didnt yahoo stop providing quotes somes times ago, that made all free quote apps stop working ?

they did kill it
but there are alternatives

and you can find lots of API’s at

nice but [quote]free api key[/quote] means for me “we will make you pay one day” …

and then you switch again
as long as you abstract the “data provider” into a class that implements some interface (iQuoteService) or something then it’s a thing you can deal with at that time

if you dont do that then you have issues every time as you have to rewrite a pile of code every time instead of just adding a new service