Finally Live - Assembly Language Studio in classrooms

Well Assembly Language Studio, an assembly language editor, debugger and runtime environment, written entirely in Xojo, has finally gone live in the classroom.

Today we had two classes of about one hundred IT students playing with ALS and doing some pretty amazing stuff with the bare minimum of instruction.

Feedback was very positive with some students even asking where to get a copy to play with at home. They seem to love the instant runtime engine and compiled code view.

It’s been a fun journey, mostly. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Xojo for making this possible…


so is it available for people to play with?

I’m hoping so. I still have a little work to finalise the help file and some more examples to code. I need to confirm with the education team, who are driving this from the UNI’s side, that students and others are allowed to use it at home. I own all the intellectual property so I don’t think it’ll be a problem but I want to check first…



Any update on this?

yes, but this case happened a lot before, I guess you are in the USA ? : if you receive a salary from Univ for doing this job, including writing teaching software, the software belongs to univ as you receive salary for making this software.

No, she’s in Australia, and she developed (at first) for herself / US.

In France, Teachers (from 6y/o till University dislike the “made for US” stuff.

They prefer to use fully available solutions, so the students knew everyday solution (real life).

Trig ?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been pretty sick, in and out of hospital constantly and the next month looks like being much the same.

The Uni’s here in AUS have no problem with me distributing the app, I built it for myself originally then did a seat license for EDU, so when I get a chance I’ll get it on a website to download.




Get well soon :slight_smile:


Thanks… TC

That’s great. Thank you and all the best!