Final Nail in QuickTime Coffin

Department of Homeland Security recommends removing it from your Windows computer. It might be a “chicken little” experience but I can’t tell my clients to ignore DHS recommendations.

Not having an alternative really puts us in a bind.

Actually, you can - we are still living in the USA and DHS’ diatribe is just a recommendation. Also, telling us what to keep on our computers is overreach on their part. I went off on a much longer rant against DHS/TSA and removed it. Best to keep this civil.

How else would a Xojo user use ffmpeg? It would be quite overkill to actually recode ffmpeg into a Xojo project.

Here’s the bottom line on this scenario -

As long as you either include the compiled and source versions of ffmpeg with your delivered app and do not build ffmpeg into your app (IOW - call it from a Shell process), or you instruct the user to download and install ffmpeg, you are safe is using it from your app (again, calling it from a shell process).

So… the recommendation to remove quick time at this time is because Apple has said they aren’t updating it anymore and not because anyone has actually found a vulnerability in it that could be exploited? So they are removing necessarily functionality now because it MIGHT become necessary to remove it later?

That sounds like a recommendation from a government agency to me, I would explain it in exactly those terms and tell them not to remove it while they need it and if such a time comes when it actually poses a threat then we can talk about it.

And I still don’t understand how ffmpeg from the command line is any kind of substitute for the editableMovie class. Can you select parts in the middle of a movie and swap them out with other movies and append segments and all that with ffmpeg? It might be possible, but I would laugh out loud at the command line strings you’d have to generate to do that…

Yes - you can slice and dice, change audio settings, convert CODECs, transcode - a Swiss Army Knife of video processing.

Definitely possible. There are a number of examples online on how to do all this work. I’d probably create a wrapper class so it was a bit more user friendly for Xojo developers but it’s all there.

Feel free to give your clients your opinions. Mine came to me with the issue and want to know what the alternatives are. If the client says they want to ditch QuickTime for Windows (and Mac since it’s deprecated) it’s my job to find alternatives.

Sure, we could limp along with QuickTime and EditableMovie for a while but I’m already fighting bugs in EditableMovie that were never fixed. So I am literally compiling with Real Studio 2010 and now those builds no longer work in El Capitan. SO, the handwriting is on the wall. Time to move on. The DHS recommendation is just the straw that broke our proverbial back.

It would be possible to provide live, reasonably timed feedback to the user in the window while doing this? I am dubious of the ability to make it look like you had pasted a movie into the middle of another movie without pausing to re-render the entire thing and reloading it into the movie player… I understand that it can do that, but I’d still like to see the 4k of command line arguments that made it work and the attempt to keep all the temp files and snippets straight :wink:

Shirley (don’t call me Shirley) there is a windows system for editing movies with at least a subset of the AVFoundation functionality that could be wrapped into a plugin or a ludicrously complicated series of declares? There is money out there for someone who can figure that out.

Opinions and business seldom mix well…

Shirley, I’ve looked. I’ll be happy to look at alternatives that are cross platform. What I want to avoid, is having a Windows solution, a Mac solution, and a Linux solution.

Well, good suggestions for C/C++ libraries are welcome.
I could make another plugin.

VLC can be used to, as it has some transcoding features.

Unfortunately, the DHS “recommendation” is just that - opinion. No one has ever found an exploit for the so called holes in QT for Windows. One of my conspiracy-theorist friends said he believes that it’s actually the FBI and the courts behind the DHS warning to get back at Apple for not giving up the candy for the encryption debacle.

Ah - now THAT is a very different situation.

I spend a good bit of my time in the world of transcoding. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a cross-platform replacement for QT. Each platform has its own mechanics - some driven by commercial operations and others driven by altruism. Unfortunately, those two modes never seem to get along and we end up with what we have now.

Creating a wrapper around ffmpeg really is the only thing that I see in the cross platform world short of one / some of us creating a completely new set of cross platform CODECs that are truly patent / copyright free and makes all other CODECs os no worth.

I may very well be true that the recommendation be not without agenda. Yet, it is always dangerous for a vendor to mix opinions and service. You never know what your customer values and beliefs are.

[quote=261188:@Bob Keeney]
Sure, we could limp along with QuickTime and EditableMovie for a while but I’m already fighting bugs in EditableMovie that were never fixed. So I am literally compiling with Real Studio 2010 and now those builds no longer work in El Capitan. SO, the handwriting is on the wall. Time to move on. The DHS recommendation is just the straw that broke our proverbial back.[/quote]

EditableMovie wasn’t removed until 2014r1 according to the deprecations page. I currently have 2016r1 and 2013r4.1 open on this machine as I need to make updates to a program that still uses the quicktime frame grabber. I can’t update that to AVFoundation as the stream I’m capturing from is an RTSP stream which even the MBS quicktime plugin can’t seem to make work in 2014r1 or newer even though many other quicktime functions still work. For example I’m still using the quick time plugin to create the movie and save it to disk and that works fine even with 2016r1 but no QTFrameGrabberMBS class. I’ll be updating the movie creation to AVFoundation for a future release but there is no good solution for the RTSP stream reception as AVFoundation won’t do them, only http streaming. The only thing that works are the VLC libraries (or using ffmpeg from the command line to transcode as I go) and the VLC libraries have a huge memory leak in their current version on OSX when receiving streams so I will need to create a background app to do the reception and share the data up to the main app that I can restart every few hours to keep things from coming to a halt after a while.

This is what I”m reduced to without QuickTime, somebody told Apple that AVFoundation was ready to replace quicktime and they pulled the plug, but it’s not nearly ready and it’s not cross platform and just everything about this sucks.

Totally agree with this.

Norman, I’ve been doing some research on using FFmpeg, and I’ve come across this post:

I as well, am not a lawyer, but this stands out to me as countering the “safe to call it by command line” argument.

[quote]2. You think that FFMPEG (GPL) as command-line program with arguments can be used with any programs, as you can stream data inside-outside program via cli?
"Where’s the line between two separate programs, and one program with two parts? This is a legal question, which ultimately judges will decide. "
“… if the semantics of the communication are intimate enough, exchanging complex internal data structures, that too could be a basis to consider the two parts as combined into a larger program…”[/quote]

It’s too bad they took the hall of shame offline, as it’s always fun to see who’s in violation.

Yeah I’ve seen that
If we were communicating via shared memory etc that would be hard to contest
But cmd line params are, while potentially expressive, something that could be generated by hand, by a bash or other script etc so its hard to imagine that they can be that “private”

In a previous life we were quite literally not allowed to use GPL anything - corporate lawyers you know
Doing so would result in you being “released from your duties”

Personally I prefer BSD style licenses
Use the code I give away
If you happen to give me back fixes updates etc thats great but I’m not about to impose my rules on you
The GPL does
I find it less “free” in that regard

Has anyone tried QuickTime Lite? Someone just told me about it but haven’t had a chance to mess with it.

that is a just a different installer for a 5 year old QuickTime version.