Filling workingspace

My application is very often changing window.
I always close the former window (except the main-window) and open the next one.
But every time I open a window again the working-space in the taskmanager is raising by 2 to 5 MB.
After a while of work there are 200 MB in workingspace.

How can I clear this space?

Or do I have to change to a method, where windows are not closed, but hidden? There could be up to 20 windows open at one time, I am afraid.

Definitely Close, but a leak of 2 to 5 MB sounds like a bug in your code. do you happen to have any arrays which keep references to all those windows you are opening?

There are only two arrays in the whole program. Both not larger than a thaumbnail (The monzhs of the year and anotherone witz 14 members)

Sorry I forgot: I have a lot af arrays. Arrays of textfields and labels.
But how can they have references to other windows?

Is it enough to have something in the code of window1 like: window2.textfield1(12).text="xyz" ?

I wouldn’t call it a bug, if there wasn’t the case, that, if I open only two windows and change from one to the other, it adds Space each time! But how can I avoid this. Its not “my” bug.

I’ve only used the profiling part of Instruments. But Allocations or Leaks sound useful. If you are on a Mac. And no, the assignment doesn’t make a memory leak.

Beatrix kannst Du auf deutsch schreiben, was Du meinst mit “I’ve only used the profiling part of Instruments.” ?

I have now made a new window with an array of 96 labels, whom I handed values from the main window. But there was not the same effect.

Bist Du auf Mac OS? Instruments ist ein Teil von XCode. Findest Du in /Applications/ . Damit kannst Du Profiling machen und auch Leaks anschauen.

how do you close the windows?
In debug, there is a list of windows.
Does the list get longer?

Do the windows create pictures?

Actually I always closed them with close.
Just now I finished to change the 9 most important windows to hide, so that they never really close.

The effect is, that the maximum space stays around 65-70 Mb.

Better then raise it with every click and being in one afternoon on 500 MB.

The list of windows was perfectly short though.

What do you mean with create picture?

I sometimes have an imagewell in the windows and there I can drop pictures. But nothing is created.

In the next days I will look a little bit closer to listboxes, because I had one window, which was too small for both - a listbox and several other fields.
So under certain circumstances I made the listbox smaller. And at this moment the amount of MB is going down, though there is nothing in the rows, which now are hidden …

Beatrix - Ich bin auf windows unterwegs (schon ewig) muss mal nachsehen, obs das da auch gibt.

Soweit ich wei, kostet das quivalent von Instruments auf der Windows-Seite 5-stellig :frowning: .