FileUploader picture rotation issue

The FileUploader works well on Mac & Windows, but on iOS and Android I have a weird issue where some (JPG) pictures are rotated from how they show on the original device.
All images load, but some are rotated 90 degrees, others 180 degrees.
Is there any way to counter this other than to offer a rotate button after the images are uploaded?

A second issue is selecting files on Android: is there any way to allow multiple files to be selected? iOS gives me the option to select as many as I like, but as soon as I select one on Android, it returns with only that picture added.

I bet it’s not the file uploader.

Those images are stored rotated and the metadata tells the viewer which rotation to show them.
So you may need to read EXIF tag to see which rotation is the one to use.

@Christian Schmitz : Thanks, that makes sense. I can use Monkeybread’s plugins to check those :wink:
I never liked the rotation and mirroring tags; they just cause extra work.