file upload using curl MBS plugin

I want to upload file on sftp : and referring below example from curl MBS plugin

[code] d.InputData=“Just a little bit text. Have fun!”
d.CollectDebugData = true

after Perform result is :
e = 78

Trying…Connected to ( port 22 (#0)SSH MD5 fingerprint: (********) authentication methods available: publickey,passwordUsing SSH public key file '(nil)'Using SSH private key file ''SSH public key authentication failed: Unable to extract public key from private key file: Unable to open private key fileInitialized password authenticationAuthentication completeUpload failed: No such file or directory (2/-31)Connection #0 to host left intact

maybe you change the URL to the file path on your server?
the path looks like one in my examples.

Yes , In my code I have changed with FTP credentials and tested, Then it produces above result . I have verified that file is available on mac given path.
I think it is useful to know you I have not changed d.InputData=“Just a little bit text. Have fun!”, it is same in my code
Is there any role of “InputData” while uploading?

InputData is the file content for the upload.

But probably the path on the server is not correct!?

Yes… You are right.!!! server path is incorrect, Thank you ,

Please help me to get modified date time of file from ftp and how do I assign permission to file while uploading like “777” file permission

I have checked for wildcard example but it produces same result. e = 78

How about CURLSMBS.OptionNewFilePerms option?

Did you try the other file listing examples?

And the wildcard one should work if you use ftp or ftps (not sftp!).

I need to try CURLSMBS.OptionNewFilePerms. I will let you know