File Sharing Service

So I don’t know if this service exists. I want to share files with customers and if I update the file, along with an accompanying change list, I want emails sent out to all users of that file with direct link and change list.

The rub comes in that if they purchase the product today, they can only get updates for the file for a year (or some time period). After that they are frozen at the last available version. So if I released version 2.0 today and and someone purchased they could get every version of that file up to 12 months from today (say 2.0.9). At 12 months and 1 day if I released version 2.0.10 they would NOT be able to get the new version (though I could see it being nice to send them emails saying a new version is available if they upgrade).

Of course, it would be nice so that they couldn’t pass a simple URL around and would require some sort of verification. Logging of number of times that a certain user downloaded a file along with their IP addresses might be able to spot anyone giving their login credentials out.

I already have my own system that includes the versioning and emails - just not the the time limit. Looking for something existing if it exists and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I hate reinventing the wheel if I can help it.

Any ideas on where to start?

use Nextcloud on your own hardware:
you can share individual links to files/ folders with automatic retention and lots more

Hi Bob;
I can’t say I’m aware of anything like this. It might be easier to implement a time lock on your current solution that to find an alternative.

You could check out one of the newer shopping cart services like Samcart or Shopify.

AWS S3 Signed URLs generated by your own system that keeps track of the user?

there isnt off the shelf service that does what you are looking for @Bob Keeney . When people do what you are wanting to do, they roll their own.

WordPress + Easy Digital Downloads.

And if you’re wanting to offload the files to S3 (or CDN backed by S3) I know of a very good plugin called WP Offload S3 for doing that. I might be a tiny bit involved in that plugin! :wink: