File Server in Mixed Environment

Note: Im originally posted this in Stackoverflow. Got beaten up because the question was to elementary for those guys. Geoff and I had a nice discussion about the Xojo forum and how wonderful it is that its almost comply void of buttheads and trolls. Kudos go to this community;

I have a mac mini that I wish to use as a simply a file server for our small business.

We have both Macs and PC users.

I have been able to set it up (the mac clients are brain dead simple to setup) and the Windows boxes all have mapped the drive without issue.

The problem is the permissions:

I have set up one big single folder that is shared with everyone.

I have set the read and write permissions fore each user to Red & write (Or Just Read as approriate)

My questions ares:

Will future files placed in the folder take the permissions of the folder?

The original folder had some 70,000 documents in it They did not take the permissions of the foiler it self upon initial creation. I assume using the “Apply to enclosed items” will drill down in any folders within folders and set those permission properly.

What don’t I know that is going to screw me?

Well I can’t predict the future, but permissions can be problematic in a cross platform environment. Normally what I do share folders based on groups. I don’t particularly like having a file in a share that only one user can use rw as that always ends up with problems. So for me, it’s almost always best to do multiple shares based on the groups rather than a single share with a bunch of varying permissions.

The main issue I have run into is with different versions of OS X you can get the finder setting permissions for newly created items where the owner is the only one that can rw. I have occasionally had to use some config trick on the client mac to change the default umask to rw,rw,-. I can’t recall having to do this recently though, so it’s probably not an issue if the clients are on newer machines.

Also, I think it has worked out better on 10.9 and 10.10 macs to just have everyone use SMB and then there are no conflicts with the way permissions work on AFP vs SMB.

Hopefully that helps a little.

Jay, are you just turning on file sharing on the Mac Mini or have you downloaded the Server app to run it as a Mac OS X Server? It makes a difference in the way you set and propagate permissions. For the $20 it’s worth getting the Server app and I can walk you through most things as we use OS X Server extensively here.

In the past I was using Paragon’s NTFS for Mac for this.

Agreed. OS X Server has specific settings for propagating permissions on shared folders, their contents and any newly added items. That’s what you’re going to want.