File-->Quit Menu does nothing on Windows

In my project the menu item “FileQuit” does no longer work. When I press the Menu button nothing happens. The Menu Items Super Class is “QuitMenuItem”. It also doesn’t work in this Project if I insert a fresh menu.However, if I create a new desktop project on this PC then everything works as expected. The menu also works on OSX (On Linux I have not tested it), I get the error only on a Windows computer. Can I somehow restore the default menu as it is created for a new Desktop project? This Projekt has been startet on RealStudio, maybee the change to Xojo broke this, I recognized it much later.
Xojo 4.1 on Windows 8.1

Make sure you do not have a Return True anywhere in a CancelClose event. That could do it. Check everywhere. A simple window can cancel Quit.

Thanks for this tip. By manual search I found nothing. I do not use CancelClose anywhere. Is there a way to see what prevents the Application from quit in debuger?

No, it’s not displayed.

Can you search project for CancelClose events?

Hi Christian. Yes I did a search, but I do not use this Event Handler nowhere in the project.

I have found this to happen if there is a window that is still “open”…
And this could happen even if you close all the windows… but then during your close process, refer to any attribute of a window…

I have now inserted a “MainWindow.close” (MainWindow is the name of my main application window) in the CancelClose Event of my Application. Now the program exits as expected. So it looks like the program really ends completely. Is this a normal behavior or do I kill my program and the reason why my program does not end is still there? In other words can I use this “workaround” if it is one or is that a “solution” I should not use in my final Application?