File Creation Error

using Xojo.IO
using Xojo.Core

dim f as FolderItem
f = SpecialFolder.Home.Chid(“afile.txt”) <- error

Above line show error
WebPage1.Button1.Action, line 80 – This item not exist
f = SpecialFolder.Home.Chid(“afile.txt”)

4th line : Child — NOT “Chid”

is typing mistake but if “child” also same error

don’t know about WEB, but “HOME” shows as only being valid under OSX, it returns NIL under WINDOWS

Not all types of folders are supported on all operating systems. After a call to SpecialFolder, check that the result not Nil. Please note that in a web app on a server, some folders do not exist. Like if your web app runs with apache as CGI with the apache user, there will be no desktop folder.[/quote]

SpecialFolder.Home does not exist in the new framework.

For the code I see, remove this and it will work.

using Xojo.IO using Xojo.Core

I used SpecialFolder.Temporary.Child(“bcode.txt”)
it is working



Thanks I understand now that not all method will support on all platform

In IDE Auto complete there is no indication of OS support of methods

It is not a matter of platform, it is a matter of framework.

In Xojo Web, you can use the classic framework with SpecialFolder as:

If you place using before the code, that will force the new framework and

In Xojo Web and Xojo Desktop, you have the choice. In Xojo iOS, you can use only the new framework.

Oh ok it is clear everything now thanks