Field Enabled even when disabled

I can not get fields to be disabled when the window first appears. I can get them to change after the window is open and I select certain buttons. But I can not disable when the window opens. Even if they are checked disabled when i construct the window.

Have put disable code in the “open” and “shown” events for the page with no luck.

Any suggestions.

By this do you mean you’ve set them to Enabled: Off in the IDE?
Are you able to reproduce this in a test project?

I can’t reproduce this. Though, interestingly, me.enabled = false in the Shown event provides a much more noticeable visual cue that the field is disabled compared to using the IDE switch.

Yes in IDE I set them to enable off but when the screen loads they are enabled.

I have put the me.enabled = false in the shown and open with no luck they are still enabled when window opens

However when I click through buttons that require various data I can enable them and disable exactly how I want.

Yes I can produce this…

I have several web apps where I load pages or containers with controls disabled by default. In all cases, the apps work just as designed. I would review the code in the open or shown events of the controls, containers or pages. There may well be a cascade of events that result in enabling the controls. It would be true for example if you populate popupmenus in the shown event of the page, and the popupmenus have code in the selectionchanged event. You may very well be enabling controls as a result of showing the page.