FGSourceList with Contextual Menu

Is there anaybody who has implemented a working context menu with the FGSourceList? I have tried to add a context menu to the FSGSourceList, but it only work on Windows and Linux, but not on Mac OS X with carbon or cocoa.

I found myself needing this functionality and found the following worked, it’s a quick workaround.

In the method ContextualClickedItem add your menu creation code

Dim base As New MenuItem
Dim myMenuItem As New MenuItem

myMenuItem.Text = "Edit"
myMenuItem.Name = "ContextualMenuEdit"
base.Append myMenuItem
Dim selectedMenu As MenuItem
selectedMenu = base.Popup

Then all you have to do is create a new menu handler for each menu item you created.

I created a protected property in the window form that held an FGSourceListItem and is assigned in the ContextualClickedItem