FFmpeg command line tools and Big Sur

Hello everyone,

My OSX app has ffmpeg and ffprobe bullds in the ressource folder and does calls to them by an internel shell command. The build works fine under an Intel based Mac, but I don’t have a M1 Test machine.

As far as I know, the binaries are not universal builts. While my app is an unviversal binary, will the integrated command line tools work under Rosetta ?

Best regards, Pascal.

If you can provide download link, I can test this on my MBP M1

Thank you for your offer. The release has still to come and the actual vesion is not ready for a golden master. It will be freeware anyway, but at this moment I want to keep it private.

It will be a feature rich tag driven video clip manager. You can take a look at some data here: Clip Box

I use it since more than a year (first usable version) to manage my large collection of video clips, > 14000 actually, and it’s fast as hell and works like a charm. It still has some graphical glitches or graphical update problems, but since more than six month not one crash and never never a loss of data.

Everyone interested in testing and contributing to the project can contact me at pascal@nohl.lu and I will inform him as soon as the first release is available (hopfully before the end of the year).

Just compile FFmpeg for ARM and Intel and use Lipo to make an universal binary.
Compiling FFmpeg for ARM is the same as for Intel just make sure you use CMake for the compiler.

OK. I never compiled ffmpeg or ffprobe but downloaded the existing binaries, so I’m not sure to make it …

Hi Pascal, should you have this submitted to MacAppStore, how would you then go with the ffprobe and ffmpeg ?

Hi Helge, no it has never been submitted to the app store.

FWW if you use FFmpeg and ffprobe and ffplay in your app and submit it for the Appstore, you will need to provide prove you have cleared all codec licenses used with FFmpeg. Before this was not the case and the Appstore was full of converters using FFmpeg. That will now slowly vanish for sure.