Feedback Top Case

I just realized there is a new Top Case in Feedback with incredible 2604 Points that quickly overtook the long standing Top One “Ability to build iOS (iPhone/iPad) applications” with ‘only’ 1912 Points. As this advantage is huge and the Ticket (21707 - Stringwidth doesn’t always wrap strings correctly on Windows <>) is a quite low trafic one with only a very limited group of users affected (I suppose) this figure astonishes me. In fact I question if here everything is above-board?!
I’d be happy to hear from Xojo what’s the reason of this figure. System fooled? Payed priority support? A lot of Pro licenses combining their strength? Just curious…

Wow, WebListBox sortable by column. I had no idea what the demand for that was.

You are right, the ranking wasn’t quite right. That was the result of the case being on one person’s #2 spot. This person has a lot of keys, but still, that is excessive.

We’ve tweaked the ranking and re-ranked all the affected cases.