Feedback system stats

I wish to ask if someone at Xojo can share with us some stats about FeedBack system.
For example:

  • how many opened case are today active in Feedback ? (bug are the main area of interest but the data could be useful even for the other types)
  • what is the average time and max age of the “bug’s cases” that are still waiting for a fix?
  • what is the average time of the fixed cases ?
  • what is the “opening and closing case rate” across time?

6, 12, 71, 4, respectively.

Dave, please keep your replies civil. I’ve deleted your post in this thread.

Sorry Brad, probably you have an error in your SQL syntax:

  • check the manual that corresponds to your SQL server version for the right syntax to use
  • open a Case in Feedback named: “Add the ability to write SQL query even if the users not know what is a SQL query”

Brad is not an employee of Xojo Inc. and does not speak for the company. The numbers in his post have no bearing on reality.

[quote=54528:@Joe Ranieri]The numbers in his post have no bearing on reality.

The bigger problem in my mind was that those numbers didn’t have units. But seriously Joe, Dave’s post was spot on. And this kind of garbage is quite offensive to those of us who appreciate what you guys do. You may need to have a thick skin for baseless public criticism, but your customers don’t. The OP was anything but civil in the previous thread and here.

Well, for Pier: You can go to the feedback app and check for the cases fixed for r4 on when they were filled and make your own statistics.

BTW Pier, if you really wanted a serious accounting of Feedback effectiveness, you would also ask how actionable and how correct Feedback reports typically are to begin with. Your questions assume this is not an issue.

The answer to those, from my ongoing extensive perusal of a good chunk of them, is 4 and 4, respectively.

Some of us saw the humor in Brad’s numbers …

It is pretty obvious that Brad was ironic and that it not speak for Xojo… thus he got an ironic reply.

However we start off on the wrong foot.
I respect the work of all people.
None of my post was deleted by admins and they don’t contains any offensive word (unlike others).
I’ve written some argued posts on another thread about 10.6 support and then accepted the state of the facts.
Since I don’t use the forum so much I’ve also take the opportunity of a Geoff reply to ask for a completely unrelated question into this new and completely unrelated post in which I’m asking Xojo for some numbers by giving only some examples and not assuming anything.
Feedback stats can be executed only by Xojo on database side (certainly not manually from Feedback app, be serious Christian like you great plugins) and Xojo can report data with an arbitrary level of detail and with all related explanations (as Brad correctly note).
There is no need to have “preventive defense lawyers” in the absence of an “incrimination”, so just relax and happy holidays to you all.

I don’t think his questions about Feedback are garbage and I find the hostility here alarming. I will be monitoring all of the posts in the forum more closely in the future.

As for Pier’s original inquiry about the Feedback database, I can’t answer those. I would say that Christian’s suggestion is a good one.

The questions are leading questions, and they’re not here in a vacuum. See the 10.6 post that OP linked here from. It’s amateur hour trolling. The standard description of Feedback being “is what it is” and “informing your decisions” isn’t enough for some people who want it to be something different or beat you over the head with it or whatever. Meanwhile, it’s really, really offensive to those of us who make an investment to try to cooperate so you guys can help us out effectively. Mostly because it takes near zero effort to figure out what Feedback is, how you guys use it, and how to be a semblance of helpful.

P.S. Christian’s suggestion came from the same snarky place my flip response came from. In addition to the line of questioning being leading and offensive, it’s just plain lazy. Dude could tally it all up himself if he cared, and might even gain an appreciation for what you guys have to work with.

We try to get you guys to state problems instead of only suggesting solutions. You will find this technique to be quite valuable with your own users. For example:

User: Please add a confirmation dialog when I quit the application.
Developer: Why?
User: Because if I forget to save before I quit, I lose my changes.

Ah. So the problem is that quitting doesn’t prompt the user to save when changes have been made. Get the user to state the actual problem and often a better solution can be determined.

So with that in mind, what problem are you trying to solve by knowing these various statistics from Feedback?

Is looking for how long take to fix bugs

I reported bugs which got fixed same day. This happens.
Other bugs get obsolete and are never fixed. (Like bugs for older OS versions)

Customer: I’m looking for a car
Vendor: I’m selling this one
Customer: Wow looks good… what about the maintenance costs and back-end service
Vendor: What problem are you trying to solve by knowing these info?
Customer: ?!

Then the requested stats won’t help. As @Christian Schmitz has already pointed out, the length of time to fix a bug is quite variable. Overall, we fix bugs that are impacting or are likely to impact the greatest number of users first. We also consider whether a reasonable workaround is available or not.

I’ll take the bait and assume the OP is a legitimate question. I’m not affiliated with Xojo in any way, but I have been a customer for some time. To answer what I think you are asking: Xojo is one of the most responsive vendors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. They take bug reports very seriously and produce solutions promptly. You will find issues that have languished for a long time, but there is usually a good reason. There are a lot of obsolete feedback reports, but the fact that Xojo doesn’t just wash them away is a testament to how seriously they take any bug report or feature request.

Pier, How many vendors basically put their dirtiest laundry out for all to see? Because that is exactly what the Feedback system is for Xojo. It’s a collection of things that users think are wrong with the product, and it’s all hanging out there for anyone to peruse. Point of fact, a good chunk of reports are poorly written, don’t have projects demonstrating the problem, and are basically not actionable. Many cover several completely unrelated things. Many really need additional input from other users to narrow down a problem.

Now you’re requesting that they provide meaningless statistics about that. It’s really hard to envision that request as anything but self-serving. But I don’t have a lot of vision.

Please - Joe - Keep your head in the code where it benefits us all. Let someone else police the forums :slight_smile: