Feedback, reset?

Hello all,

Perhaps it would reset all the points of Feedback, so that existing customers validate their choices.

This is something you should maybe do every year or every two years to ensure that customer requirements are still valid.

No. Personally I’d be ticked off if the top 5 list got wiped out. It shows up on the splash screen when you first launch Feedback. Just review it every once in a while and you’re all set.


I just feel (talking with some users) that many users have ever used Feedback one day and have since forgotten. There are also those who no longer use Xojo (but wishes still count as their account is not yet deleted). There is also laziness: I no longer need this case, I know I need to change it, but I have too much work. … I’ll do it later! :wink: I’m sure there are also many users who do not even know why they voted for a particular case several years ago! Sometimes needs evolve. Of course, heavy users (the ones you see on this forum) do not have this problem, but I wonder if this is the case for everyone … Clear all points to force every current user to vote for its current needs would provide a more accurate picture of current needs I think. But it was just an idea, there are also disadvantages of course.

Somehow, wiping out favorite cases would feel like ripping users out of their own choice. Granted, some people no longer use Feedback, some others barely know it exist, but that is part of user privilege to use or not the system. Trying to coerce users into voting again and again does not seem fair.

I suspect Xojo takes votes with a grain of salt, though. After all, this is like a poll and not a mandate. Besides, without the need to force people to revote, it is certainly possible for Xojo to query the database to weed out votes that are too old and obtain a report of only the most recent, if that was needed.

From what I can see, people who use Feedback to report and vote are a relative minority as compared to the tens of thousands of users Xojo is said to have. Same thing for this forum.

The point system is set up so our customers can tell us what their preferences are. If you want to change them, do it. If, as you say, someone is too lazy to change their preferred cases, that’s their issue, not ours, and not yours. There’s no way for us to tell someone’s intent when it comes to their top 5 cases and making it just randomly get reset means that users would need to keep track of their favorites outside of Feedback so they could set them again. Thats a non-starter as far as I’m concerned.

For what it’s worth, I look at my top 5 every time I launch Xojo. When something gets finished, I remove it and add something new. That’s the way the system was designed to work. If users want to show us their current needs, they need to set their top 5 cases.

Now, what I could see is having the top 5 list show you when you set each of them. At least then you’d know, but again the only person that’s any good to is the user. I’ve got cases on my top 5 that have been there for a long time (since before I worked here), and there’s no way that I want to lose them being there. I’ve reported more than a thousand cases over the years and finding them again would be a royal pain.

So I must ask you, what is it that you are trying to fix?