Feedback problem


I’m having a problem with overloading methods (IDE crash, very annoying). I’ve tried to report it via the feedback app (the window that comes up after the crash), but it keeps being added to a case ‘36082 - Unhandled NilObjectException in’ which is closed. I’m not even sure my problem is related to the original issue.

This is also the reply in the feedback app from Robin:

Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell Yesterday at 14:03
It is believed that the original issue reported by this case has been fixed.
Newer comments made on this case do not appear to be related.

But how do I create a complete new case via the window that comes up right after the crash?

Use directly the Feedback application.

If you need data that appears on screen while running/crash the application: copy/paste it.

but in that case i can’t add the stack, can’t I? (It is not shown in the Crash report window, and the IDE itself is already closed by the crash)

The stack data appears elsewhere (in an Apple or Microsoft window): copy/paste from there.

If someone that know more than me on this subject can provide more data (with screen shots, eventually) ?