Feedback - Memory Usage

Just started Feedback 2018r1.1 (is this latest version?) on macOS 10.14.3 (32gigs) and it is using 4.84gigs + 1.77gigs compressed.
This seems rather excessive.

From a sample:
Physical footprint: 4.9G
Physical footprint (peak): 9.2G

I am having major problems with memory usage with Xojo and now this. Maybe there is something wrong with my machine (hardware wise)

After viewing a ticket and adding 2 small attachments this is my sample
Physical footprint: 5.4G
Physical footprint (peak): 14.1G

The main problem is that is pushes everything into compressed and i have to restart the computer.

make sure you close a lot of open cases in the side navigator if you have them open
that should help reduce memory usage

Thanks, after a restart it’s back to 500megs. I had 10 or so cases open.