Feedback is too tall..

I cannot finish a case because the Feedback window is too tall and the bottom does not show on my screen and I cannot drag the window any further up. I wonder if they could use panels or sections and a shorter window.

Can you increase the resolution of your screen temporarily? Once you have done that, please create a case in Feedback (yes, I know how funny that sounds) and indicate the resolution you are typically using. I don’t off-hand know what the minimum required resolution is for Feedback but it may be something we would change if there are enough users running at the same resolution as you are.

It’s impossible for me to change the resolution to anything higher - I’m running this on a Linux laptop.

I would recommend panels or the use of page panels with a Back and Forward button set.


My resolution maxes out at 1366 x 768.

Yeah and 768 is our minimum but of course that doesn’t include system UI that take up room. We had to increase the size due to some additions to the case creation layout. However, we are working on it so that the minimum window size can be smaller.

Great. Thanks. I look forward to the new release.

You’re welcome, Amy. It’s complicated but once we have a 64 bit version of Feedback for Linux, the UI issue should be resolved.

I’m using 32 bit. Thanks.