Feedback FYI's

I’ve updated our feedback user guides on the wiki.
Of note is the expanded “Advanced searching” section.

This should help all of us form better searches so we can avoid duplicate reports.

A good opportunity to mention that it’s important to enable these filter/sort columns in the search results list:

  1. Product
  2. Category
  3. Version
  4. Status
  5. Last Modified

Don’t know if it was only on my system, but the default visible columns were just Case Type and Summary. I went with that for quite a while thinking something was not quite right in the new Feedback and missing these sorting/filter features. I even checked the menus for the options, but the “Customize List Columns” command just didn’t jump out at me.

It’s likely because “Customize List Columns” is not the standard Apple command for that option. The “Customize” verb is typically reserved for toolbars, so my mind was conditioned to stop reading right there.

What I was looking for…

Example A:
Finder View menu: “Show View Options”

Example B:
iTunes View menu: “Show View Options”

And really, shouldn’t my list of columns above be the default view settings? (If for some reason they’re not on other systems.)

The new(?) search options are nice.

Which reminds me: Do you guys use a search engine such as Lucene (which is widely used) for this? Because that is very powerful. I’ve written an adapter (via JNI) to use it in RB, and it works very well. Better than any self-written engine, and much less of a maintenance effort as well.

Yes new

Sphinx -

Ahh, and Sphinx is not written in Java but comes as a native library, making it much easier to use it in RB. Thanks for the pointer.

For anyone else interested, I found this comparison. I shall have a deeper look at it when I find the time.