Feedback experience with Xojo for Windows


in my windows 8.1 laptop (build by Lenovo), I’ve made a debug session yesterday afternoon.

I have versions 2015r1 (I have a license for this one) and 2015r4 (that I do not use often) installed.

On OS X, I create a folder, make a copy of the Xojo project (binary), copy the associated images (in three folders), all of this in a SD Card.

In the Windows laptop, I copy the master folder in the standard Hard DIsk (inside the laptop) because the internal SSD is only 64GB and there is too few free space there. I ejected the SD Card.

Then I started with an error: I double clicked in the project I wanted to test and Xojo 2015r4 was launched. I realized that when I saw a bunch of CheckBox with 32Bits and 64Bits… after the initial run. I’ve made some changes in the code because my debug as different from the OS X one (why ? how can I do that ?) and experimented a lot of bugs like contextual menus that are meant to be used with a ListBox that have Row(s) with text and I do not tested that condition to exit ContextualAction if the ListBox is empty. I saved the changes (reported the changes in the original OS X project / OS X laptop).
The changes were saved using 15r4.

Quit 15r4, run 15r1. Load the project and get the usual warning (project saved with a later version that the one in use to load it). Starting there, I was not able to use 15r1:
a. the load sequence stopped telling something (I forgot, sorry) about missing files or so (in fact, three .icns icons files). I checked that.
Then asking for the com.xxxyyyzzz stuff, I do what was needed/asked.

b. I get consistent crashes that ended with NilObjectException (I think) and Xojo quits. Before the crash, I get theReport asking dialog that was shown two or three times.

This took time and anger was rising to the stratosphere.

…until I asked myself… What if all of this is simply a lack of available memory (with 15r1) and 15r4 dealing far better in this way ?
So, I quit Terratec Home Theater application (to watch TV on an external monitor), quit Xojo, shut down, Then Power on the laptop, run Xojo 15r1, load the project and it loaded fine. The run in the IDE was nice and I built the standalone for OS X (for tests on this in the other laptop).

I was asked for the license number, etc. (this is common after a Xojo run while internet is active) but it takes times (an error in my mail address took times to be detected - by me).

After the usual search, I was able to build tha OS X stand alone, copy it on the SD Card, move it into the OS X laptop compare its size with the one built on OS X and noted a small difference int he executable size.

I ran it (after decompressing the tar, of course) and see that it seems to work fine (it simply does not exibit trouble).

But at this stage, I was exhausted, time for dinner and closed Xojo / launch THC and watch TV while eating.