Feedback emails broken

Are feedback notifications broken?

I have no emails from feedback system for days.
Not sure when it broke, but emails from changes made by William to some cases I made didn’t come to me.

Mine come days after i report or somebody else has commented.

I checked with Jason and it sounds like everything is working normally. He got some notifications today.

I have also not received any notifications for weeks. This is especially difficult during the test cycle, because I am not informed when an engineer has commented my feedback cases or I am asked for “feedback”.

@Martin_T I’m going to send you a PM, it looks like there might be something else going on in your case.

I’m sorry but there is nothing normal about Feedback emails. Status updates rarely trigger emails, and I get emails about my own replies. And it’s been that way for a long time.


Maybe the sending server is in some spam list?
Do you get bounces at Xojo Inc?

The sending server is a mail service. I seriously doubt they have been blocked.

I just reported something and got an email.
But William fixed some cases and I can’t find an email for those in my trash can. :frowning:

I really dislike automatic closure if there is no email.
Maybe close it after asking three times with a few days between before closing.

I get emails when someone adds information to the case.

I don’t get emails when there is only a change of status (Reviewed, Verified, Fixed) and I don’t think even when Closed.

Yup, getting emails for my own additions and no emails when a case has been closed has been a feature for a long time.


Same here

Yes x 2

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We have identified an issue with status change notification emails in Feedback. The problem has now been fixed. Additionally, because of your feedback we have added more status notifications. Thanks to those who reported the issue and to @Anthony_G_Cyphers and @Geoff_Perlman for your time with testing to help narrow down the issue.


Thank you. We’ll see what happens when status changes.

What changes should trigger an email?
William closed a case and verified another case. No email.

I still don’t get any notifications, although the support team has already changed things in my user account. Strange!

@Martin_T Notifications are going out to you but they are soft bouncing from your email provider, please contact them to resolve the issue.

@Christian_Schmitz Feedback emails are generated when a case is marked as Reproducible, Information Required, Fixed/Implemented & Verified, or it is Closed. Closed statuses weren’t quite all on yet, but they are now, so if you find that you are not receiving notifications for those status please let us know.