Feedback emails (again)

This seems to come up every now and again. I don’t seem to be getting feedback emails from Xojo employees and nothing has been sent to junk.

For <> I only received an email when I added the attachment (post 2) and two emails just now when Jarg commented.

I got nothing when Robin posted nor on the status changes from Norman.

Had Jurg not posted there I would’t have noticed that something had happened until my next visit as I keep My Cases sorted by Last Modified date, as this is a cutsomised view, regular users of feedback might not notice information waiting there that could be of interest to them.

Is this by design i.e. posters can choose an option not to fire out an email, or is there a problem?

I only bring it up just in case Xojo peeps are waiting for feedback from us and we’re not being told that additional info is needed.

If we ask for information, we use Information Required and that definitely sends out an email.