Feedback Crash Fix

For the last couple of days my Feedback program crashed directly after login (Windows 7 64-bit).

I eventually managed to get the problem fixed, and are posting my steps here in case it might help others that have the same problem.

Please do this at your own risk, tampering with the Windows registry can cause chaos.

  1. Uninstall Feedback.
  2. Open the Windows registry editor (Start > “regedit” > Enter)
  3. Select the “Computer” item right at the top of the registry, and search for “feedback”.
  4. Delete all the keys and values that you find that are related to the Real Feedback system, EXCEPT the following one:

“7 REG_SZ LaunchFeedback”
IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete entries not related to the Real Feedback System

  1. Re-install the Feedback system.

The above steps fixed my Feedback, and it now opens without any errors :slight_smile:

Hey Alwyn

Thanks for posting this, I’m sure it will help a number of people.

I’m not going to follow your fix because I have a Vm that still works & I want to see that Xojo Inc fixes the problem. :slight_smile:

Yay! It worked!

Thanks for figuring this out!

This makes sense. The registry fix is only a temporary workaround, and the bug needs to be fixed, to ensure a proper solution in place.

[quote=2765:@Walter Purvis]Yay! It worked!

Thanks for figuring this out![/quote]

Awesome, that is good news indeed :wink:

Walter, since you have not yet nuked your preferences, can you do me a favor? Fire up regedit and get me the value of “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\REALSoftware\Feedback\Main Window Bounds”. Knowing exactly what value is causing the crash would be immensely helpful.

The value is: AIP//wCD//+gAAAAGwAAAA==

(which I hope makes sense to you…)

I don’t know if these value strings mean anything to you or not – if there’s some way to extract a more meaningful value from Regedit let me know…

I normally use Feedback maximized. The value then is: +P////j///+gBgAAAgQAAA==

Also, perhaps the problem is related to my use of a second monitor? In my quick test just now, opening and closing on a second monitor seems to work just fine. But anyway, the value if I maximize Feedback on my (larger than primary) secondary monitor is:


The values are Base64 data. The decoded information is a MemoryBlock storing the dimensions and position in Int32s at (of course) 0, 4, 8, and 12.

So that value you provided Walter is perfect, I can reproduce the problem, and I’ve already implemented a workaround. But I’m still trying to figure out how your preferences got into that state.

Computer science joke (I really saw this happening):

-This parameter must be between 1 and 5!
– What if someone passes zero or another value?
-Probably an error, but don’t worry, everyone here knows that the value must be between 1 and 5!