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The <> looks interesting to learn more about dates. After reading a few times the issue I think what was expected from the date is not exactly how date works.

In this case (I think) what was expected is that by using date.SQLDate the current date will change hh:mm:ss to 00:00:00 with this code:

dim d as new date d.SQLDate="2014-09-13" MsgBox d.SQLDateTime

Reading the docs, I think the code works like this:

dim d as new date // Year=2019, Month=5, Day=25, Hours=12, Minutes=58, Seconds=35 d.SQLDate="2014-09-13" // Change d to Year=2014, Month=9, Day=13 MsgBox d.SQLDateTime // Will show 2014-09-13 12:58:35

If I ever need to create a date with hh:mm:ss = 0 I will use:

dim d as new date(2019,5,25)

Maybe, if I need to clear the time to 0, I could create some code to do something like:

d.SQLTime = 0

that will set everything in time to 0, keeping the date intact.

BTW is nice to see the old forum still up.

Or just set like this:

d.SQLDateTime = “2014-09-15 00:00:00”

Thank you Greg.

Other way I just figured:

d.SQLDateTime = d.SQLDate + " 00:00:00"

For me, it will be very helpful when a case is closed as “This is not a bug” if someone at Xojo that understand what the OP expected, add a simple phrase explaining why it is not a bug. I know you are busy, so if you need cheap inexpensive labor :wink:

I understand why it is not a bug and finding how Dates work, helped me understand and think about possibilities. Every day I’m more amazed on all the things one can do with Xojo. Thank you all at Xojo.