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Given that web 1.o features and bugs are not longer actually being worked. Wouldn’t it make sense to go thru all of those feedback items and somehow mark them “Abandoned” or removed". Or at least separate Web 1 from web 2.

Also It would n be nice in feedback if I could see OPEN items only. Right now I have to weed my way thru “Closed”. “Implemented” etc. Im not saying remove them. But. a checkbox to suppress them in search would be really useful.


a new web based feedback has been announced, I hope this will be included

All good suggestions, in my opinion.

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You can change the criteria by which cases are displayed by clicking “Any Status” above the Status column and selecting the one you wish to view:

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Thanks Anthony! Now if I can get eh WEB 1.0/2.0 issue sorted out.

Yeah, that’s not so easy. I still try to start all of my Web 2.0 cases with Web2: so that it’s easy to distinguish, but most don’t. I’m not sure how they’re going to handle it internally, with the move to the web-based Feedback, but I’d probably have a cutoff date for Web cases and only migrate those that were filed after the release of Web 2.0, then address any Web 1.0 outliers. That’s assuming they won’t be doing any support for Web 1.0 moving forward.

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Pretty much the same does apply for this forum. It might get soon very confusing ( at least for new customers ) to see the difference between web 1 (which they don’t know ) and the current web. So they will try to implement code form web 1. It won’t work and they will ask questions, and again we have a mix of web1 and web2 in one forum channel only …

If they migrate data at all.
We know Feedback is being ported to web, but nowhere have I read the actual data would be modified; I’m assuming it will just be a new target using the same existing data [format].
Or I missed an announcement?

Failing to migrate the data would be ridiculous. I can’t imagine they would abandon all old tickets. It’s just a bad assumption.

I didn’t mean they would abandon old tickets, but just take the existing ones as they are (as a whole) and basically duplicate the “old file” to the new location without filtering anything.

If they would just use the current database, they could use Web and Desktop App at the same time, for some time. That’s just what i would do.

I hope we keep both the web and the desktop app as showcases for what you can do with Xojo!

And it’s just the same database accessed from two places.

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