Feedback App Update %$&§!

Eh, easier to overcome, so you should get on that immediately. Since I’m certain you have nothing else to do at the moment, we should see a fully functional Feedback web app by the XDC keynote, right?



[quote=72401:@Kem Tekinay]This won’t be an issue if Feedback is converted to a web app, right? The existing links would simply take you to the right page on the app.

Among the advantages:

  • Xojo could use it to show off Xojo Web Apps.
  • They can use it to show off and test Xojo Cloud.
  • No more update issues.
  • Fewer OS compatibility issues.
  • Easier to update and maintain.[/quote]
    I’d expect the existing links would NOT take you to the web app. They’d begin to fail. With no app installed to receive them, they’d simply not function.

As for it being a web app, there are some pros and cons. Making Feedback a desktop app wasn’t a decision made lightly, and I probably could have had Feedback done faster as a web app. Though since WE hadn’t even been started yet, it would have been a PHP-based web app. Which it already is to some degree, the API is all PHP powered.

Making Feedback a WE app would just trade some issues for others. Not saying it’s a bad thing at all, but it’s not a clear victory by any means.

Right, because those links start with “feedback”, I forgot about that.

Keep in mind that since the desktop currently “requires” an upgrade every time, there’s no reason we couldn’t change that.

[quote=72387:@Oliver Osswald]OSX 10.9.2 on Retina Macbook Pro:

I was able to get around this by going into Disk Utility and unmounting the image, then remount it and install from there. Works fine now.

Not for me.
It does log in and show the “Retrieving Shared Folders…” progress.
Then an alert is shown

[quote]Feedback has encountered an error
Feedback cannot continue because an unexpected error has occurred. The error information has been saved. Please relaunch Feedback to report the issue.[/quote]


I have exactly the same problem installing Feedback App as Jim. :frowning:

This solved it for me:

  1. Delete Feedback from the Applications Folder
  2. Download the feedback dmg from xojo website
  3. Mount it and drag feedback to apps

Fixed, I downloaded feedback DMG from and this one extracts without errors.