Feedback app refusing to start on macOS Big Sur

Just downloaded the latest version of Feedback from the Xojo site and it’s refusing to start. The app says it’'s “Xojo Feedback 2018r1.1”. The App was copied to the Applications folder prior to attempting to open it.

As it opens It comes up with the following message:

Feedback cannot be launched twice. The currently running copy could not be contacted.

If I start the app via the command line I get the following message:

2020-11-29 17:04:42.670 Feedback[10224:1001104] Warning: Expected min height of view: (<NSButton: 0x7fe2ca659d20>) to be less than or equal to 30 but got a height of 32.000000. This error will be logged once per view in violation.

I have just tried deleting all preference files for Feedback and it doesn’t change anything.

Preferences are cached. Either you log out and back in or you use PrefsEditor to delete all values.

Thanks for that. It worked. I had a very large data transfer on the go so I couldn’t try it right away.


I just filed a report this morning under Big Sur, and did not notice anything wrong.

It’s happened to me a few times now. Delete prefs and logout and back in solved the problem.