FEATURE REQUEST: TabPanel, individual tab visibility

Is this the correct venue for a feature request?

Anyway, it would be very helpful to me in a couple of cases to be able to change to a tab on a TabPanel that the user can’t see the tab - it can only become visible through code.

The best way to do it is to create a Feedback request via the Feedback app. Then do a brief announcement here in the forums with the Feedback ID (URL even better) so we can attach our available points to it.

Feature requests should be put into Feedback.

What are you trying to accomplish? Would a PagePanel work for what you are trying to do?

…or a container control which can be hidden?

You can add a new Tab at runtime and embed a container control in it.

With a little creativity, you could create a TabPanel subclass wherein all the content is created on the fly in container controls and managed internally. That would allow you to reorder the tabs or insert a tab in the middle in code pretty easily. It would require that you think about the tabpanel a little differently, but you could make it pretty slick.

Another possibility. You can move controls from one tab to another by changing their PanelIndex property. So you could put the controls in the tab you want to be invisible on a canvas for easy manipulation. In app Open, move the canvas off-window (set its Left Property outside the window), change the PanelIndex property of the canvas and all its controls to zero, and remove the tab. When you want to make it visible, add a new tab to the TabPanel and adjust the PanelIndex of the controls on any existing tabs to move them from tab to tab if you want the new tab to be in the middle of the tabs. Then reset the Left property of the canvas to bring it back onscreen and set the PanelIndexes is needed.