Feature Request: Offer a language choice for xojo.com

It’d be great if xojo.com had a drop-down menu or something to choose the website’s language from. Currently the language displayed is chosen statically depending on the browser’s language.

I prefer the English language website, since stuff usually is worded clearer than in the translation.

There is a popup on the bottom right.

Not here. I’m using a German Safari version on OS X and the forum shows in english, which is as it should be.

Thanks, Christian. Blind me didn’t scroll down that far.

Consider this resolved then.

I wasn’t talking about the forum, DnD

@Sebastian Niesen: Yes, realized it immediately and wanted to edit my post, but got some errors from the forum software. Sorry for the confusion.

On the main xojo page I see a popup on the bottom right.
maybe you scroll down.

I rather miss the currency choice in the store. I am in Switzerland and I want to pay in USD not EUR.

Use a US proxy.

We should be able to get that resolved in the future.

The web site should be defaulting to your browser’s language if we have a version of the site in that language.

Japanese View Now does not show. Will it be coming back?

Yes, we just have a little more to do to finish it. It should not have been made visible when it was not finished. It should be back in a few days.

Thank you! That is maybe comfortable for Users in Japan. I enjoy new Update version. I hope more getting progress Xojo!

You are welcome @Kazuto Ohshima. We need more Japanese users on the forum as well. We need your input on how to make Xojo better for Asian users as there are special needs for handling many Asian languages.